Select Exhibitions

Blow Up The Conversation (2011)

 Standing up close to these drawings, there is a strong tactile quality to the sinuous silvery-gray lines, while the texture of the paper itself is apparent.  Wrapping us inside her drawings in this way, Moore creates an intimate experience; stepping back outside, the intricacy and detail recede and the monumental scale of the project becomes evident.

– Johanne Sloane, Concordia University [more]

All three pieces [in Blow Up The Conversation] infer notions of looking, of perception, of what is real or true and what is not.  The work also raises questions on our level of participation in the creative process of an artwork.  Such investigations inevitably extrapolate to exploring our own awareness of our relationship to and with the larger whole, that is, both the physical and spiritual world. – Kate Marley [more]


Velvet (2005)




Dead or Alive (1997)



Ya Gotta Have Power (1995)




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